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Gallery Gottschalk

Although Willi Gottschalk has made a name in the art world, he has always remained the humble artist who has exercised his art no fuss.

Its water worlds make the sea and the ocean is more impressive than it could ever make nature. You feel like the storm drives the spray in the face, hear the whistling of the wind, taste the salt on your lips, the feeling of being washed in the next moment over the rail. The energy of the sea penetrates through skin and bone, is sensed quasi-hand.
Fortunately, there has not been any water damage.

The landlubber sensed this energy. Even more of the Fur Seal, who has fought the brutal battle against the elements. One need not be an art expert to to feel this overwhelming power.

Illustration, design and logo
Susanne Gottschalk, Straße der Jugend 7, 19303 Dömitz

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